I love being on a film set and taking pictures are a way of expressing things for me

Film Sets have some magic and being someone who loves Portrait Photography. i can’t help but feel drawn to the mystery of a film crew collectively and tirelessly working towards making cinema for its audience.

I remember the day, when I picked up my camera and took a portrait of my father; i fell in love with it. That memory is so vividly painted in my head. And what is left of it is the undying flame of faces. Each face has a story to tell, conveying an emotion, a smile, a frown, the eyebrows, the way people smile. That is what fascinates me about portrait photography.

Fashion is all about keeping up with times. My approach to Fashion Photography is quite straightforward, its good naturalistic lighting. What helped me come to this conclusion is my tryst with street and documentary photography. Once the world of glamour and advertising coincides with good lighting, beautiful faces, make up and trendy clothes, the magic happens.

Modern day phones are a boon to photographers, you see something captivating anywhere, you reach for your phone and before you know it, you are already editing it. Thanks to phone photography I see frames just around every corner, and it has helped hone my skill set, I love going for long walks with nothing but my phone, and some music in my ears, you never know what is waiting to be captured.